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    C o m i c s  F e m s l a s h : February 1-4th

    Celebrating all your canon and fanon favs, Comics Femslash is a 4 day appreciation fest of queer ladies in comics! Sign up for participation.

    K a m a l a  K h a n  L a u n c h  P a r t y : February 5th

    Ms. Marvel #1 comes out February 5th! Join us for the party as we read the new comic together and celebrate this huge step in diversity for Marvel in the #kamalakhanlaunch tag on tumblr.

    ☆ F C A W - Female Creators Appreciation Week : February 6-12th

    For a whole week we’re celebrating the talented writers, artists, and editors who create our comics during the Female Creators Appreciation Week, right here on tumblr in the #fcaw tag! Sign up for participation.

    Galentines Gift Exchange : February 13-14th

    Sign up for the Galentine’s gift exchange to give and receive awesome comics ladies presents!

    ☆ S i f  W e e k : February 15-19th

    5 days of Sif appreciation- from favorite moments to ships, we’re celebrating Sif in the #sifweek tag on tumblr!

    ☆ J a n e b o r e e : February 21-22nd

    Janeboree is back! And with it, we’re bringing two days of celebration for our favorite MCU scientist- from comics appreciation with the Mighty Thor, to movie streaming throughout the weekend. Sign up for participation.

    ☆ S c i e n c e  P r o s : February 23-28th

    What’s better than science bros? Science Pros! This event is going to be 6 days of celebration of the pro scientists and intellectuals of Marvel and DC. Sign up for participation.

    All of this is happening in the #february femfest tag on tumblr. See you February 1st!

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    Comics Femslash coming to you February 1st-4th.

    Please come and join us with fanart, fic, and posts about your favorite female queer comic book characters! Simply join us in the tag #comics femslash 

    Also throughout this event we’ll be posting certain queer character’s bios and comic book issues, so make sure to keep an eye out for those!

    Feel free to use the themes posted below to guide you through this exciting time.

    February 1st-2nd

    Are canon pairings and characters, tell us about your favorites!

    February 3rd-4th

    Fanon, fanon, fanon. Have a feeling that someone is gay and it just hasn’t been confirmed? Post about it!

    As stated before, this are just general guidelines and we’ll love any fanart, fanfic, and posts about why we need representation at any day during this event. 

    Comics Femslash is part of Feburary FemFest, which is a whole month dedicated to women in comics. Make sure to check out all the amazing events that will be coming your way. 

    This is so exciting! 

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    Soooo I woke up this morning and couldn’t find my bomber jacket or my blue jeans. In fact, the only jeans I could find were my neon yellow ones…And thus the Tong stealth cosplay was conceived!

    Neon yellow/green jeans for Moloid skin tone. Blue sweater for the FF uniform and a pink undershirt for Tong’s lovely pink dress.  And flower Doc Martens because why wouldn’t Tong love flower Doc Martens =D

    I also ended up wearing my blue safety goggles as a headband all day. It happens.

    I am so loving this. 


    stealth cosplay week is amazing!!


  4. Fanfic Writing Date - London Weds 22 Jan




    Anyone want to join us for a writing date in London? Weds 22 January from 6pm. Probably somewhere in the city: venue tbc.

    Venue now confirmed as Starbucks on Minories (this one), between 17.30-19.30. Optional drinks/chat/dinner afterwards at the Liberty Bounds

    reminder! joiiiin ussssss (geeky t-shirts, geeks tearing hair out over laptops and notebooks galore. tell you what, I’ll stick a fluffy direwolf on the table too.) 

    if you’re in london today, this should be really fun, do go along! alas, i (charlotte/aaa) can’t make it but the recent fanfic nine worlds meet up was ace.

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    Young Avengers (2013)
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    But an artist named Orion Martin noted that the X-Men comics have skirted around the depiction of the people on the receiving end of much real-life discrimination: the main lineup in the X-Men team has been mostly straight, white dudes. Martin nodded to the work of Neil Shyminsky, an academic who’s written about the X-Men’s complicated relationship with real-life racism:

    [He] argues persuasively that playing out civil rights-related struggles with an all-white cast allows the white male audience of the comics to appropriate the struggles of marginalized peoples … “While its stated mission is to promote the acceptance of minorities of all kinds, X-Men has not only failed to adequately redress issues of inequality – it actually reinforces inequality.”

    So Martin decided to reimagine them, recoloring some famous panels so that the main characters are brown — a gimmick that changes the subtext and stakes for the X-people.

    Make sure to click through from the article, too, to check out Martin’s original project and the connected essay.

    This is an interesting and thoughtful piece on diversity, representation, race, and identity in superhero comics that I thought people would be interested in.  It also talks about the interview where Paul Dini tells Kevin Smith that Young Justice was cancelled because the demographic had “too many” girls in it, as well as the intersectional element of how turning a white woman (example used was Emma Frost) into a non-white woman would change the way she’s perceived because of the combination of racial & gendered stereotypes.

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    You can read an almost 3,000 word piece on Young Avengers, the current state of Marvel comics, and how superhero comics work on Tumblr

    a) right now

    b) tomorrow when I’ve added links and pictures and proofed the stupid bits

    c) never!

    Meanwhile I’m off to bed.

    Option b is now available. Pictures! In one of my blog posts! It’s a wonder.

  9. Batman Beyond, #27 (Batgirl Beyond, 1/3)

    We loved the new Batgirl in this all-too-brief arc, and hope to see more of her in 2014!

    Who was your favourite new comics character of 2013?


  10. Hello! This is the account for the comics fandom track at Nine Worlds Geekfest 2014 (which is based in London). Follow us for updates about the convention, and for general comics fandom chatter. We ask all the hard questions, such as who is your favourite Scott in Marvel comics. We’re very excited.

    We are

    Hazel (piratemoggy - TEAM SCOTT SUMMERS) 

    Charlotte (alwaysalreadyangry - TEAM SCOTT LANG)

    If you want to get in touch with us (especially if you write and/or draw comics or like to talk about comics and want to be involved) please email us at comics@nineworlds.co.uk. And we’re on twitter, too.